The production of furniture from solid wood requires a lot of experience and sensitivity. Therefore, INCH are closely working together with PIKA for the manufacturing of their furniture. A longstanding partnership has been established between INCH and PIKA, based on the exchange of knowhow. PIKA is domiciled in the seaport town Semarang on the island of Java. 

PIKA is built on a unique principle: their production workshops – where INCH furniture items are created – finance and support the educational facilities. PIKA is among the best schools countrywide and is therefore held in high esteem. Every year, around 75 apprentices successfully complete their education as carpenters, furniture draughtsmen and furniture designers.

The draft for a furniture piece follows a clear idea. Form and function come about in the process of sketching and designing. In this area, there is an enormous interest in exchange at PIKA. INCH support PIKA with lectures, workshops and projects in the fields of ecology, innovation and design in terms of a knowhow transfer. 

With the craftsmen and the workshop leaders, too, there is an inspiring co-operation: work processes are being discussed and refined on-site, innovative construction and handling methods are developed jointly and then put into practice. In so doing, both parties have the possibility of learning something from the other.

The value creation in the manufacturing of the furniture is not only measurable in numbers, since it rests to a high degree on mutual respect and interest. Much in the same manner functions the co-operation with ATMI, a technical school for mechanical engineering, located in the town of Solo. The furniture mountings and metal base are made here.

The final assembly of the furniture components from teak wood and metal is carried out in Basel in the INCH workshops. Here, the furniture is put together and the surfaces are once more given a finish. The production in Indonesia is always accompanied by INCH so that a quality control takes place even before shipping to Basel. After the final assembly in the Basel workshops follows the quality re-check of the finished furniture piece.

Special work for which neither PIKA nor ATMI are specialists, are effected in the Basel region. Saddlery work, for instance, for the cushioning of the SHANGHAI LOUNGE CHAIR, is carried out exclusively by a saddlery in Basel and the grey cast iron pieces for the SANGA table are cast at the Erzenberg foundry in Liestal. The rattan trimmings of the handle of the LORO sidetable are made at the Basel Home for the Blind.

PIKA (Pendidikan Industri Kayu Atas) = Higher Education Vocational School for industrial woodworking
ATMI (Akademi Tehnik Mesin Industri) = Academy for mechanical engineering